E-Conveyancing will crash

In E-conveyancing will not fly of August last year, Bob Browning predicted that e-conveyancing would not fly. Now that the British government is getting it off the ground he has changed his prediction - it will crash and burn. His main thesis is that digital signatures are too difficult and ultimately too insecure to administer properly.

By having the conveyancer sign everything on behalf of a participant in a property transaction, one will end up with a transaction which is:

  • more expensive
  • riskier and
  • hard for customers to accept.
The article is worth reading, even if for its dryly amusing tone, but then one must remember that almost every great venture has had its detractors.

Article on Textor

Reader Comments:

AJ Smuts 26/08/2005:

Our deeds system has a poor record of keeping up with technology: current delays are the result of using the microfilm equipment of three decades ago. However, my biggest concern is the enormous opportunity that e-conveyancing will give to crime syndicates and fraudsters, particularly because corruption in RSA has its roots firmly entrenched in government departments that sell "genuine" counterfeit Id documents, licences and key documents under the table. Even FICA compliance is a waste of time if a conveyancer is presented with fake Id documents issued by the government. With e-conveyancing it will be even worse.

Karen Du Prees 26/08/2005:

It makes it easier for the conceyancer to sign all documents cause you will not have to call the client in to sign any changes but for the client it would be signing a death warrant and will increase fraud. Just think how some conveyancer's will financially gain with other people's money, property transactions being transferred incorrectly. I as a property owner would want to keep a eye over my own interest

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