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All KwaZulu-Natal Law Society Councillors and Senior Management now electronically accessand manage Law Society documents such as Agendas (with Annexures electronically referenced and indexed), Minutes , Reports and other matters that they are required to deal with as committees and/or Council through the use of the iPad, using secured access through the Society’s website and online document distribution services.

The Committees of Council are comprised of geographically dispersed Councillors and members who previously had to wait for bags and envelopes of documents to reach each committee member physically; the documents wending their way relatively slowly around the province via postal and courier services from one committee member to the next.

The introduction of iPads has brought significant savings in paper usage, postal distribution and courier costs as well as in expediting operations and the response times of the various committees of the Council.

Councillors have also been able to assess the use of electronic documents and iPads within their own businesses and as a result thereof are encouraging the wider adoption of more effective technology in the profession for the benefit of clients.

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