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Effective 1 July 2009 Routledge Modise will be known as Eversheds. The firm joined international law firm Eversheds as its first member on the African continent in April 2008 and started practising as Routledge Modise in association with Eversheds. Now that the association of the two brands has been established, the firm is dropping the local name and moving to the Eversheds brand.

Terry Mahon, chairman of Eversheds in South Africa, who is also on the board of Eversheds International says: "We felt that the time had come to fully integrate into the global brand of Eversheds. The value of being instantly recognisable as being part of Eversheds far outweighs retaining our local brand. During the past 15 months of transition we traded as Routledge Modise in association with Eversheds, so the connection is understood in the marketplace. With more and more international businesses using Eversheds as their preferred legal partner, it makes sense to operate under the same name.

Eversheds website and press release

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