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Festive Season Functions

This year, don't just have fun at all those "end-of-year" functions; take full advantage of the huge networking potential they present.

Here are some ideas for maximising that potential:

  • Most important, say the experts, is to enjoy yourself! Marketing is a game, and the more fun you have playing, you more likely you are to win. If you are having a good time, you will project enthusiasm, confidence and a positive attitude - and these are your keys to success.

  • Preparation is crucial:
    • Set clear goals for each function
    • Then plan in detail - point by point - your route to achieving them
    • Structure your plan around Jeffrey M Horn's Top Tips for Working the Room on the Law Marketing Portal website.

  • Before the function, get your mindset right with the power of affirmations and visualisations - find out how at the wikiHow website.

  • When you connect with a good prospect, don't just exchange business cards and move on. That's a very common mistake, and you will probably have forgotten all about each other long before any real relationship can develop.

  • Rather lay the groundwork for effective follow-up:

    • Arrange to be in contact again (even if it's only in 2008!)
    • Better still, express interest in the prospect's business and ask if you can come for a visit. That's flattering to the prospect, and the more you learn of his or her needs and aspirations, the more likely it is that you can offer a service that will be of real value;
    • And, if you produce a client newsletter, offer to put prospects onto your mailing list. Regular, quality communication is fundamental when converting acquaintances into clients.

  • "The bluntest pencil is better than the sharpest memory" - so make detailed notes (as soon as possible after the function) on every likely prospect. Record what you learned about them, what follow-ups you agreed on, etc. Knowledge is power, particularly in the marketing game!
Jack Crook (LLB Lond, LLB Rhod) is the author of LawDotNews, a monthly newsletter which is personalised and e-mailed to your firm's clients compliments of your firm. Readers are welcome to contact Jack, or visit his web site at for further details.

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