Forging ahead

RatesClearance.com has begun the rollout of Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) to Councils to comply with Chief Registrar’s Circular No 8 of 2014, and is well on track to meet the deadline of 1 July 2014 in making the rates clearance process simpler and more secure than ever.

RatesClearance.com is distributing certificates from Accredited Providers as stipulated by the South African Accreditation Authority.

Users can be assured that the Advanced Electronic Signature that will be issued, complies with all standards and requirements as stipulated in Chapter IV of the ECT Act, 5 of 2002, and there is no cost incurred by the Municipality. For more information regarding Advanced Electronic Signatures, click here.

In addition, to ensure users are well equipped to implement these Advanced Electronic Signatures, RatesClearance.com will be visiting Municipalities to assist with the implementation.

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