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Generating business in 2003

  • Talk to those around you
    Use the expertise of the people your firm employs to get ideas and avoid re-inventing the wheel.

  • The best source of new business is existing clients
    If you are in partnership, introduce clients to the other services your firm offers.

  • Generate a contact list
    Make a list of all the people to whom you have wanted to speak about your practice. Trusted friends and colleagues can refer business to you by understanding what services your firm offers.

  • Here are some ideas for starting client development if you are new in practice:
    * Join a non-profit organisation.
    * Network.
    * Stay active in professional associations.

  • Follow up, and follow through
    Persistence is a major factor in the client development business. It may be difficult at first to foster clients but the very characteristics that make a good lawyer are also useful in developing business. These characteristics include commitment, conscientiousness, accuracy and follow-through.

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