GhostConvey 2016 Survey

This year's 2016 GhostConvey Survey into cost recovery in the conveyancing profession in South Africa sees many of the familiar questions conveyancers have specifically asked to have repeated is out and ready to be completed in a couple of minutes. 

Please note that this survey is completely anonymous, which is why we have used a web form for your responses. In addition, we will publish the data in aggregated form only. Try to answer the questions as accurately as possible, since the information you provide will be for the benefit of conveyancers and will be invaluable in determining how your firm compares with other firms in your area and provide a good perspective of the current state of the conveyancing profession in South Africa. The results of the survey will be unpacked, sorted, analysed and published on the GhostDigest after a few weeks.

The survey should take you a few minutes to complete.  

Survey Notes

  • Please answer as accurately as possible and as many questions as possible.
  • You may navigate between questions using the "Prev" and "Next" buttons.
  • Remember once you are complete you have to click the "Finish" button on the last page to save your responses otherwise they will be lost.
  • All amounts must be entered as a whole number eg. 120 - no cents or percentage symbols are necessary or will be accepted.

Click here to start the survey

Reader Comments:

Alida Hartzenberg 27/10/2016:

Great idea to do survey annually...

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