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GhostDeed now has credit search facility

TransUnion ITC is the biggest supplier of credit risk assessment information in Southern Africa, with 16 million consumer credit records and over 400 000 businesses. Korbitec Solutions' technical innovation coupled with TransUnion ITC's database has resulted in GhostDeed v3 becoming a potent credit risk management tool. Clients will be able to interrogate credit information held for individuals and businesses (including registered and non registered entities), thereby allowing them to predict payment and consumption behaviour with a higher degree of accuracy.

The initial credit search product will include a standard consumer profile, with or without ID verification, and a host of business type searches, the most popular being TransUnion ITC's Scan on File. New products (or modules) and databases can be added regularly as the market dictates because the software is delivered electronically.

This software comes free to users who will pay only for searches made and it naturally adheres to the Credit Bureau Association's Code of Conduct. An added feature is that firms will be able to restrict access to the information at both a user and a product level and can feel confident in their control over the product's use.

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