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Marketing Your Firm Made Simple

The management of a successful Conveyancing Firm is as much about strengthening a brand and maintaining excellent customer relationships as it is about efficient workflow. Marketing one’s Firm and maintaining a presence in previous and current customers’ minds is an effective method of ensuring continued business growth and success.

There are a number of strategies that can be employed to effectively manage customer relationships and promote your brand. One of the most convenient is through the newly enhanced GhostMarketer which is part and parcel of the trusted conveyancing solution, GhostConvey.

GhostMarketer is a Customer Relationship Management tool designed to manage all your contacts from GhostConvey. Your GhostMarketer contact database is automatically generated from your matters in GhostConvey, giving you a consolidated view of all your conveyancing customers. These contacts can be categorised by role, value of transaction, date of transaction as well as date of birth enabling you to communicate appropriately with various groups of customers.

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