GhostTracker answers the growing demand by conveyancers and their clients for access to information and progress information around the registration process. It has been developed as a platform for communication that can accommodate all their clients’ communication needs and at the same time enhance their brand in the market place.

GhostTracker therefore ticks all the blocks in implementing branded notifications and weekly progress reports as well as providing an online reporting solution. The secure messaging between paralegal and consumer has been welcomed in an environment where fraud and hacking of emails is rife.

Estate Agents are benefiting from the reports and are also able to check online all their matters with various conveyancers.

GhostTracker has three main features:

1. Website

  • Estate Agents, Mortgage originators and Consumers can be invited to logon to the GhostTracker website to follow the progress of their registration.
  • The GhostTracker website will display standard progress dates, progress comments and contact details. 
  • A secure communication channel exists between attorney and parties via the website

2.  GhostTracker Report

  • Automatic per matter weekly reports.
  • These reports are branded with the firm’s logo and colours. 
  • The reports contain the progress comments and standard progress dates for each matter.

3. GhostTracker Notifications

  • Can also be activated for specific progress dates as per the firms requirements.
  • These notifications are branded with the firm’s logo.
  • The wording of each notification is customisable. 
  • Links can be uploaded, e.g. videos, or a firm's information sheet regarding the progress.

To find out more please contact the local GhostConvey branch or email support@korbitec.com or phone 0861 567 248.

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