Going it alone

The wide-ranging article also considers the impact of e-conveyancing on sole conveyancing practitioners, who have to compete against high street "conveyancing factories". It looks at areas where sole practitioners can still compete and thrive. On-line niche work and areas that involve a long-term, one-to-one solicitor relationship are examples.

Such relationships include family or business matters where continuity of the personal relationship is important and "where the client does not wish to risk the possibility of being moved on to somebody else that he or she may not be happy with. For many this close personal relationship is the niche".

Other issues solos need to priortitise in order to succeed, include having effective risk management in place, choosing ones clients carefully, and not taking on cases which are beyond ones competence or for which one cannot give good service. Managing cash flow and keeping up with trends also helps.

Full article in Law Gazette

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