Guarantee Hub developments

As the Absa Guarantee Hub roll out gathers pace, more Transfer Attorneys will start receiving electronic guarantees on Absa matters via email or shared on the Property Hub. To make matters easier we have published a document which will help you to understand:

  •  what the requirements are for a digitally signed document;
  • how digitally signed documents produced by the Absa Guarantee Hub meet these requirements; and
  • how to identify a legitimate guarantee based on inter alia the following characteristics of the PDF document:
    • Digital certificate banner
    • Guarantee properties
    • Validity dates
    • Details
    • Personal certificate of issuer.

In addition to helping the Bank mitigate risk there are a number of added benefits for Transfer Attorneys. The vision is to improve collaboration between Bond and Transfer Attorneys, and the result will be more efficient and more secure communication between the two critical parties in this process. We look forward to your assistance in making this a success, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Centre on 0861 144 678.

Attorney Guide to Absa Guarantee Hub guarantees

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