Guarantee Hub

Korbitec has partnered with Absa in creating the Absa Guarantee Hub which will offer a more secure banking and conveyancing environment.

What is the Absa Guarantee Hub?
The Absa Guarantee Hub is a system that automates and manages the guarantee requesting and issuing process for Absa Home Loans. Users will benefit from validated, secure online Guarantees which will have a digital audit trail to protect conveyancing practices from potential fraud.

The Absa Guarantee Hub allows Absa Panel Attorney Firms to issue Guarantees required against a particular home loan application. These Guarantees are subject to the Bank’s business rules, while giving the Absa Bank supervisory overview and control.

Guarantees will soon be issued as electronic documents (digitally signed PDFs). The digital signature verifies that the document was issued by the Guarantee Hub and that it has not been tampered with after being issued.

How does your conveyancing practice benefit from it?

  • Track pending and issued Guarantees
  • Have a record of issued Guarantees in one central place
  • Electronic system ensures document security 

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