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What is RatesClearance.com?
RatesClearance.com is an online solution that assists municipalities to process and issue rates clearance certificates.  It also provides a mechanism to not only electronically transfer information about the rates clearance process between the municipality and the attorney, resulting in less paperwork, fewer phone calls, faxes and less printing, but to electronically transfer the rates clearance certificate directly to the attorney’s conveyancing system.  Another advantage of RatesClearance.com is that it integrates directly with all the major conveyancing software packages in South Africa and the information used in the rates clearance application is the same information which will be used to draw up the Deed of Transfer or the Power of Attorney.

Currently the twelve municipalities using RatesClearance.com are:

  • Bitou
  • Cape Town
  • Drakenstein
  • Ekurhuleni
  • George
  • Hibiscus Coast
  • Johannesburg
  • Knysna
  • Mossel Bay
  • Nelson Mandela Bay (in pilot)
  • Overstrand
  • Ugu District
  • With more lined up.

To find out more about signing up visit https://www.ratesclearance.com/

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