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Land Exchange is designed to bring the state's conveyancing and planning processes into the electronic age. The first release of Land Exchange consists of two components: Electronic Conveyancing (EC) and Streamlined Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals (SPEAR).

EC eliminates the need for conveyancers, solicitors and financial institutions to meet in the same room to complete a property settlement. SPEAR in its first release is available to surveyors, local councils, referral authorities and the Land Registry to lodge, track and approve subdivision applications online. Later releases will be expanded to support other development approvals.

The public will not have access to EC and public access to SPEAR will be limited to viewing. Pilots for both components are scheduled for the second half of this year and both are expected to go live by June 30, 2005. A massive amount of work and much planning went into the Land Exchange before the first lines of code where written last year, and conveyancers played a key role in the translation of a paper-based system into a secure electronic environment.


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