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Illegal house sales

The property boom has spread to poorer areas, where people are "buying" and "selling" houses illegally and without transfers being registered at the Deeds Office. Many of the houses are government-subsidised houses which may not be sold by law and, in most cases, the "buyers" have no rights to them.

Not only do they have no rights, but they could lose both the houses and the money, or even end up in jail. People need to be educated in the property transfer process and must realise that the only way ownership can be transferred is by registration at the Deeds Office.

In some instances the sale of RDP houses amounted to a form of theft, with the original owners returning a few years later and evicting the "buyers" legally, because they had no right to the property in the first place. An Anti-Corruption Unit was established by the Housing Department last year, it can be reached on 0800 204 401 and more information about housing can be obtained by phoning 0800 146 873.

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