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Information Session

Proposed Agenda


  • Introduction - C Chapple
  • Protocol and Procedures - BD Williams
    o Refer to Fraudulent RCC's
    * Only System generated RCC's as approved by Deeds Office no pen alterations except signature of attorney
    * Standard format already approved by Deeds Office
  • Duplicate fee
  • Validity Period - support; why to leave at 120 days?
  • Advance Collection is based on the validity period of the RCC and ALL advance monies will be paid!
  • Transferor and Transferee details on RCC
    o Council records correspond to the records from Deeds office and this will be the only names displayed on RCC, if change is required Change of Name application to be lodged.
    o Conditions as per Will (COP)
  • Email addresses in records - provision on application form
  • Share Portions - not to be indicated on RCC as Clearance given on entire property not only the share
  • Consolidations - legislation being discussed and possibly changed so that RCC will be needed for ALL REGISTRATIONS
  • New RCC's
    o Registered Leases
    o Right to Extend
    o Exclusive Use Area
  • NEW ISIS Requirements
  • Opening of SS is not within Rates Clearance portfolio, but instead falls under Corporate GIS
    o Get Diagram from SG, Town planning or Attorney
    * A site will be made available where a list of Schemes and Scheme numbers will be to enable the attorney to verify that scheme is already opened on GIS to ensure that correct procedures are followed.
    o Application for Opening of SS can be done electronically only After Scheme has been added to the GIS/LUM DB
    o Application MUST be completed for opening of SS first in order to apply for first transfer of units
  • Allotment List will also be on above mentioned site as some changes to validation has been made.
  • The New ISIS system has stricter validation rules such as :
  • Erf and Suburb
  • Scheme name number and unit
  • ID of Seller - Buyer
  • Is this Simultaneous or not? If Yes, is it in correct order
  • Opening SS as above
  • Supporting docs
  • Copy of Seller and Buyer ID
  • Difference between POA and Application Form
  • Deed Search
  • Proof of Payment
  • IF foreigner Copy of Passport required
  • Liquidation and Sale in Execution - Additional Fees apply request to Debt Management for figures
  • Mandatory information
  • Power of Attorney Between Attorney, Runners and Council
    o Council is drafting a POA for Council's legal department for approval
    o If you want to make use of a Runner, Attorney will identify runner via POA and accept FULL responsibility for actions of Runner.
    o To be implemented ASAP
  • ISIS
  • What is ISIS?
    o Integrated spatial information system
  • Workflow in ISIS
  • What is a Case?
  • Way Forward is to include deeds and refunds
  • NEW application Forms Manual vs. Electronic
  • Attorney Registration
    o With ISIS
    o BP's will be created for each attorney firm
  • NEW SLA between Law Society and council
    o New service delivery agreement
    o Turnaround times
  • Deeds Process
    o Only semi integrated with ISIS
    o File automation with Deeds Office
    * COCT to retrieve information per bulk import for registration notification
    * Deeds Office to make file available approx 2 weeks after registration
  • Refunds
    o Processed to be defined
    o Sale Cancelled
    o Refunds to Trust account
    o Refund split between purchaser and Seller

Invitation and further details

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