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iPad 3 winners

We came and we connected, collaborated and communicated with hundreds of conveyancers and property professionals at this year's roadshow.  What follows is a brief recap of some of the topics, themes and insights shared by our presenters.

Mari van Wyk - General Manager - Attorney Segment
The theme of Mari's presentation was Communicating Electronically  with key stakeholders in your property transactions via GhostConvey 2012.  Here Mari emphasised how mobile technology has become the fastest way to communicate via hubs, portals, Facebook, Twitter and such like.  In her overview of GhostConvey she highlighted the  fact that GhostConvey is today a powerful, intuitive communications hub for conveyancers and almost everyone else involved in the property transaction.  She then presented the results from this year's GhostConvey 2012 Survey.  See Conveyancing 2012 Results

Colin Day - CEO - WinDeed
Colin discussed The Key to Collaboration.  In his presentation he graphically illustrated how difficult it can be to accurately identify property.  He highlighted the fact that  the many ways of identifying property such as street addresses, geographic co-ordinates, Surveyor General diagrams, 21 digit codes and Deeds Office descriptions all have potential problems. For example townships can extend across Registry Offices; place names can be spelled incorrectly; erf numbers can be duplicated and uncertainty can exist as to in which Deeds Registry a property is registered.  The answer therefore is for a unique property identifier - a PropID - which once the property is correctly identified and verified is generated in the property hub, to be used for automatic document population and collaboration between participants in the property transaction.  

JP Farhina - General Manager - Property24 and Theo Mseka - Product Owner - Property24
JP and Theo discussed Connecting through Property24.  There message was one of numbers, big numbers, and how over the next few years we are going to see a massive conversion from passive to active Internet users. To this end online shopping; travel, accommodation and  flight bookings; and music and video downloads are fast becoming the norm with property being no exception.  Property24 has over a million unique users a month, 280 000 listed properties and 28 million page impressions a month as well as over 3500 registered estate agent offices. Property24 should therefore be the media partner of choice for attorneys wanting a great opportunity to position themselves in front of property buyers and sellers. 

The success of the roadshow  is borne out by the following selection of comments:

Once again, thank you.  Always informative!

You again inspire us to look into the future and make an effort to "get with it".

What a wonderful eye opener!  Thank you!

Prop24 presentation very interesting and exciting.  Opens up vast possibilities for attorney firms prepared to embrace technology on various levels and in social networking.  Thanks!

Really emphasised how important electronic communication is in our space of practice.  Gave me a lot to think about in terms of branding/network/collaborate and where the firm needs to go.  Really great!

I particularly enjoyed Colin Day's explanation of deeds office searches (which can sometimes be so frustrating) and JP Farinha has caused me to consider entering the social networking space.

We have a close relationship with Korbitec and use most of the products.  Thanks, you are great!  I've enjoyed today a lot - keep up the good work Mari and your wonderful team!

Finally the winners of the iPads
In the photos below seen (left) are: George Tsikkos - Korbitec Bloemfontein Branch Manager presenting Mr Ettiene Stone (Conveyancing Attorney) from Mervyn Joel Smith Attorneys in Bloemfontein with his iPad3, and (right), Kerry Muller - Korbitec Durban Branch Manager presenting Mohamed Hassim from Mohamed Hassim Attorneys in Durban with his iPad3.

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