The implementation of the City of Cape Town’s new ISIS system combined with the Korbitec RatesClearance.com system should have provided welcome relief across the board, and improved efficiency to attorneys by making it simpler, less time consuming and more cost-effective than in the past to get rates clearance certificates.  Unfortunately this has not been the case with delays causing major repercussions for all parties involved in the transaction – sellers have suffered interest losses, conveyancing attorneys have allocated extensive time and money following up with the council offices and buyers have been unable to accurately plan their move into their newly purchased property.

What went wrong?  The following problems occurred:

  • Data migration errors,
  • Ownership errors,
  • Validation issues,
  • Sectional Title Scheme errors,
  • Sectional title Unit errors, and
  • Authorisation problems to name a few

Integration to the City’s ISIS system was fully tested with Korbitec through their RatesClearance.com interface (attorney to council) and there were no problems issuing figures and rates certificates.  The systems worked while in a test environment.  ISIS has now requested changes to be done to elevate the above mentioned problems such as removing the names of the parties on the rates clearance certificate.  There are always unforeseen data and technical problems that arise when implementing a new system.

What is being done
As a courtesy to our customers, Korbitec has created in partnership with the City of Cape Town isishelp@korbitec.com - a special temporary service to investigate and resolve ‘open case’ rates queries.   Korbitec has also published a City of Cape Town Troubleshooting Guide which lists the most common errors and input problems which cause rejections and how to avoid them.  Training sessions for secretaries and conveyancers are also being held every Tuesday and Thursday starting on the 24th January.

Download City of Cape Town Troubleshooting Guide


Reader Comments:

John Christie 28/01/2012:

Like the fiasco when the electronic submission of transfer duty receipts became compulsory, it is an enduring mystery to me why these new systems are not properly tested over a period of time so that all problems can be ironed out BEFORE the system becomes operational.

John Christie 28/01/2012:

Its an even greater mystery why training is offered AFTER the new procedure is implemented. Why not do the training BEFORE the system is implemented? SARS made the same mistake last year.

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