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IT's not all about costs

The use of internet technology by legal firms has moved from the use of intranets for internal communication, collaboration and access to information and training to help manage high-volume repetitive transactions such as conveyancing.

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Conveyancing is just like a jigsaw - you can't finish it until the bits are in place and it involves getting all those bits from different people.
People can help by dealing with any requests as quickly as they can. They can get a mortgage in principle from a lender, send everything back straight away and don't leave it a week before you write a cheque.

Mark Goring

Now internet technology must be used to enhance the client-service experience by providing advice and building relationships with them and to showcase the firm's expertise in order to attract new clients - to share knowledge held by a relatively small group of experts. The flexibility of new applications means that they can be easily customised for each client and the content can be constantly updated at low cost.

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