JHB Convey Club - March 07

Welcome once again to the Johannesburg GhostConvey Club! Our aim is to provide you with useful GhostConvey related information on a monthly basis, in addition to some more light-hearted hints, recipes, jokes etc, and not forgetting our regular competitions with some fantastic prizes up for grabs.

Our Valentine's Competition Winner

Our first Johannesburg GhostConvey Club winner comes all the way from LYDENBURG.

KAREN STEENEKAMP, from Steenekamp & Broekman Inc, was ever so surprised as she had "never won anything before".

We handed over a "bouquet of bears", box of chocolates, and a Woolworths gift voucher to spoil herself.

What's new?

Have you found GhostFind yet?

GhostFind is a simple, quick indexing system for storing useful information such as contact numbers etc. for easy reference (work related or not). For more information on how to use this handy feature, go to \GWData\Ghostcon\User Notes\GhostFind.rtf or give the Help Desk a call.

Look out for the nifty new "alert" icon that's been added for electronic instructions. The icon indicates that a message, other than a new or amended instruction, has been imported. It will also appear if an error has occurred during the export of messages.

The icon indicates that you should view the Matter History to check what messages were imported, or what errors were recorded. Once you have clicked on the Diary tab, the icon will be removed.

Use your Diary to it's fullest potential ...

From the Matter Diary TAB, you can right click and "Schedule automatic email" or "Schedule automatic SMS"

Type up your email/SMS and schedule it for a specific day.

On the day that you have scheduled it to go out, the email/SMS will send automatically ONLY WHEN you run the Global Diary.

Handy Hints
Keep an eye on where we will endeavour to keep you updated with useful information on a regular basis. Circulars from the Banks will also be posted here for your reference.

Listed below are the milestones from the various banks, you can download them from their relevant hyperlink. These are really helpful to make sure you are doing things in the correct order and very nice to hand to new staff members that are doing bonds for these banks for the first time. This makes sure that you are complying with everything the banks want from you.
Standard Bank

Facility to View Matters where no MT65 has been sent (LAW matters)
This is a really useful feature that was added a while ago. For those of you who haven't used it yet, this is what you do:
Click on the relevant institution in Bonds, then in the "Tools" menu select "Electronic Message Status"

A dialog box will appear containing 2 icons:
- Open selected matter
- Refresh

From 'Open selected matter' it is possible to access the matter by using either the icon mentioned above or the 'Open matter' button at the bottom right of the dialog box

Note that this applies to all instructions received from 24 July 2006. Instructions received prior to 24 July 2006 will not appear in this list. The classification selected will then appear in a 'Bond Classification' field in the tab.

SMS from your computer
Did you know you can send SMS from your computer via the Korbitec SMS Facility?

It is very easy, simply follow the steps below:
  1. Send us the email addresses of all your users who will be sending SMS' and these users will be activated on our server.

  2. To send an SMS, choose new email your email program.

  3. In the "To" field enter the following:

  4. In the "Subject" field enter the following: GhostConvey, Cell phone number .
    Example: ghostconvey comma space 082 333 9999.

  5. In the "Message" field type your message and then choose Send.

The charge per SMS is 60c excluding VAT. This can be used by any department in your firm, and all you need to do is register your e-mail addresses with us. There is no charge for registering and as soon as we have received your e-mail we can activate your firm for SMSing.


You can stand a chance to win a R500 gift voucher from Woolworths by answering the following question:

What DATE does the public holiday "Human Rights Day" fall on?

Please email your answer to Johannesburg GhostConvey Club The draw will take place in the last week of March.

Meeting the Johannesburg GhostConvey team

Every month you will be able to put a face to a voice you might have spoken to or a name you might have heard of. We will be posting a photo of one Johannesburg GhostConvey team member each month.

First up is our GhostConvey Support Manager, JUDY WELTHAGEN.

"Is the glass half full or half empty? Neither; I just keep filling it up. Be happy. Think positive. Life is a great experience for all to enjoy. When the glass loses water, it's up to you to fill it up. Put some flavor in there and enjoy the taste. It's FANTASTIC!!"

If you have suggestions about content, format or anything else - let us know - this is your news ... Please direct all comments to

Not in the mood for meat AGAIN… try this…

"NO Meat" Pasta (3-4 people)

1 Brinjal (cut into pieces and sprinkle with salt before you start with the preparation of the meal)
1 onion (cut into pieces)
1 green pepper
Button mushrooms (cut into pieces)
Lots of Olive Oil
Feta cheese (3 circles)

Pasta to taste and according to cooking instructions

Fry the onion, green pepper and button mushroom in the olive oil
Add the brinjal and fry until brinjal brown and soft.
Take of the heat and add the feta cheese cut into pieces.

Serve immediately with the pasta and sprinkle with black pepper.

Do I look like a mocha latte to you?!

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