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Jhb Registrar's Notice

Please take note that the schedule of fees in terms of Regulation 84 of Act 47/1937 has been amended as per Government Gazette No. 38628, notice R 269, dated 31 March 2015 and will come to effect on the 2nd May 2015.

1. Procedure to ensure effective implementation of the new fees for billing

  1. Junior Examiners must calculate and disclose the new fees for all deeds lodged from 21 April 2015.

  2. Assistant Registrars and Senior Examiners must verify and ensure that clause 1.1 is fully complied with.

  3. Data Section must delay Final Black Booking for deeds put forward on 30 April 2015 for execution on 04 May 2015 to allow IT-CRD to do the system change for accounting billing purposes.

  4. Assistant Registrars in charge of Prep Section to ensure that fees for deeds put forward for Final Black Booking for execution/registration on 04 May 2015 are amended.

2. Deeds Office staff and Clients are urged to familiarize themselves with the contents of Government Gazette No. 38628 and this circular in order to ensure effective implementation.

Johannesburg Registrar's Notice - New fees for billing

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