Johannesburg - South

Tying with East London, Johannesburg - South had responses from 4 law firms, representing 6 partners, of whom 3 are conveyancing partners. The sample is therefore largely unsuitable to draw any meaningful conclusions - for instance no one responded to the question What amount does your firm recover from the financial institutions for electronic bond instructions? so no graph could be generated. Nevertheless here are the results:

Internet connectivity
Permanent connection 50%
Dial up 50%
Recovery of Posts & Petties costs
Transfers Bonds Cancellations
High R 450 R 450 R 100
Low R 250 R 75 R 75
Average R 321 R 302 R 91
Recovery of Deeds Office search costs
High R 100
Low R 80
Average R 87
Did not respond 25%
Recovery of FICA search costs
Individuals Companies Trusts
High R 250 R 350 R 350
Low R 200 R 220 R 220
Average R 225 R 285 R 285
Did not respond 50% 50% 50%
Firms that have increased the recommended tariff 25%
Firms that charge a minimum fee None
Discounting of fees
High 25%
Low 10%
Average 18%
Did not respond 50%
Percentage of firms which incentivise their secretaries 50%
Ratio of senior secretaries to junior secretaries 1 : 0.3
Matter "legs" per secretary per month
A completed bond and a completed transfer each = 1 leg, while a cancellation = half a leg
High 52
Low 5
Average 21
How long will the property boom last?
Don't know 50%
Over already 25%
Less than 6 months 0%
Less than 1 year 25%
More than 1 year 0%

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