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The Korbitec Online Training Website is a resource that was created to provide training material on the various products developed by Korbitec, for example GhostConvey and WinDeed. The site has recently had a face lift and has been revamped in an effort to make it simpler and easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.

In keeping with the theme of “simple and easy”, GhostConvey is now directly integrated with the relevant course material which users can access from within their GhostConvey software. This eliminates the need to manually register and enrol for a course in order to gain access to the training material. Just by clicking Online Training in the drop-down menu of the Support link, users will automatically be directed to the GhostConvey course material, without needing to create or remember a username and password.

Manual registration for courses is still available, however, by clicking the Register button on the Online Training Website, completing the registration form and returning it to training@korbitec.com.

Training material is constantly being added and updated in keeping with the newest features and upgrades added to the software, and is also presented in a variety of different eLearning formats such as PDF Reference Documents, Videos and Interactive Tutorials.

The purpose of Online Training is to empower Korbitec customers to get the most out of their software, as well as to provide a self-help support service that is available at any time, from any location. All that is needed is an internet connection.

The GhostConvey course currently consists of the following 13 Chapters:

  1. Getting Started: An overview of the GhostConvey interface and an introduction to basic navigation and functionality. This is aimed at those who are new to the product.

  2. Release Notes: Here you will find a history of the updates and changes made to GhostConvey over the last few years. Each set of release notes details what changed and what new functionality was made available in that particular release.

  3. Bank Training Material: This chapter covers bank-specific processes for firms who interact with Absa, FNB and Standard Bank.

  4. Bonds: A comprehensive guide to using the Bonds module in GhostConvey. This includes creating a new matter, validation, capturing bond and financial details, and workflow tasks.

  5. Transfers: A comprehensive guide to using the Transfers module in GhostConvey. This includes creating a new matter, validation, working with Electronic Transfer Instructions (ETIs), capturing transfer and financial details, and workflow tasks.

  6. Consents and Cancellation Requests: A comprehensive guide to using the Consents module in GhostConvey, as well as how to create cancellation request for various financial institutions.

  7. Affordable Housing Transfers: A guide to understanding and using the Affordable Housing Transfers feature in GhostConvey. This includes recognising the flow of information between the instructing party and the firm in an affordable housing project, creating an affordable housing transaction, and creating a new master transfer.

  8. Developments: A guide to understanding and using the Developments feature in GhostConvey. This includes identifying different types of developments, creating sectional title developments, creating conventional title developments, and batch capturing common items.

  9. GhostMarketer: This chapter covers the use of the GhostMarketer feature to interact with your firm’s database of contacts, captured against matters in GhostConvey. It includes navigating the GhostMarketer interface, searching for specific contacts and sending various forms of branded marketing to a targeted contact group.

  10. Property Hub: Learn what the Property Hub is and how this secure, online platform allows you to collaborate with various stakeholders involved in a matter.

  11. GhostTracker: A new feature coming soon, powered by GhostConvey.

  12. WebConvey: This chapter covers bank-specific processes for firms who interact with Nedbank using the WebConvey application.

  13. Rates – Municipality Specific Reference Guides: Aimed at users of Ratesclearance.com, a list of all municipalities registered with RatesClearance.com, and their specific guidelines and requirements.

Should you have any specific training requests or suggestions, contact  training@korbitec.com.

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