Landonline is a project initiated by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) that has converted millions of title records, title instruments, plans, parcels and geodetic survey marks into an electronic format. Ultimately the entire conveyancing process will be automated, cutting the turnaround of lodgments from the present 10 to 15 days to 24 hours.

The project has been implemented in a phased roll-out schedule. Stage One, through which land professionals can conduct remote searching of the Landonline survey and title database from their own PCs via the Internet, is complete. Stage Two, the introduction of remote digital lodgment of survey plans and routine title dealings via a secure system, underwent a successful pilot test in November last year. It is hoped that within 18 months at least 60 percent of simple transactions - mortgage discharges, transfer of titles and registration of new mortgages - will be done electronically.

Landonline offers four licences, each of which includes a digital certificate. The software is then downloaded and installed on the users PC.

  • Landonline eSearch - a standard service for most users, especially search agents and conveyancers. It provides access to the titles register, digital survey data (excluding spatial data) and supporting documents. Images can be viewed online using the Image View, or you can request images of titles, survey plans and supporting documents be delivered by email.

  • Landonline eSearch Plus - the enhanced service designed for use by surveyors. As well as providing all the features of the Standard package, 'Plus' allows viewing of spatial survey data.

  • Landonline eDealing - the electronic registration service for conveyancers. It provides all the features of Landonline eSearch, as well as providing for electronic discharge/transfer/mortgage registrations.

  • Landonline eDealing Plus - another electronic registration service designed for use by conveyancers. It provides all the features of Landonline eSearch Plus (including viewing of spatial survey data), as well as providing for electronic discharge/transfer/mortgage registrations.

New levels of accuracy for surveyors as 75% of boundary definitions and observations are being digitally recorded and made accessible. This means a new reference foundation is being created which clearly identifies what is current and what is historical. This avoids the need to sift through entries that no longer apply. Users can now look at the legal register online and view up-to-the-minute title records that are instantly updated as transactions are registered.

A time saving benefit is the elimination of the need to decipher old handwriting or faded and worn documents, while access from the user's office to authoritative, real-time data means many searches can be conducted. Other features of Landonline include:
  • Quicker disaster recovery - for the first time, LINZ can securely back up the survey and title records.

  • Increased consistency - under the old manual district-based system, it was occasionally difficult to deliver consistent standards, due to the sheer volume of records and transactions.

  • Simplification of aspects of the survey and title system. For example, not having to lodge instruments in duplicate, and the removal of expired fencing covenants that clog up titles.

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Article in The New Zealand Herald

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