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Launch of GhostMortgage

GhostMortgage went live at the end of January. It is FREE to all GhostConvey clients and does not contravene the Law Society regulations. You can access GhostMortgage via the GhostConvey desktop - you don't need to launch it as a separate application.

GhostMortgage is the first practical way that law firms can secure bond instructions and be paid a commission for generating the leads. Law firms will earn about R1500-00 for each lead generated (0,5% of a R300 000 bond), payable after registration.

Since the lead generating is done from within GhostConvey, the process is very simple and users will require minimal training:

1. The conveyancing secretary will enter information into less than 10 fields and press the 'Send' button.
2. Within 2 minutes the leads will have been sent to any of the four banks and the process will have been initiated.
3. Once the lead has been received the client will be contacted and given the best advice regarding the choice of homeloan.
4. Results are automatically sent back to and displayed on the user's system. website

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