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LEAD Eviction seminar

How to simplify the eviction process and general landlord-tenant dispute resolution
This seminar will cover the theory as well as the practical aspects of residential and commercial evictions. Residential evictions will be discussed in terms of the Prevention of Illegal Evictions from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act 19 of 1998 (known as the PIE Act). Disputes between landlords and tenants can take on many forms. Solutions in this regard will be discussed taking into consideration rental collection and alternative dispute resolution. The seminar will focus on all legal aspects pertaining to rental property in general and will not repeat focus areas of previous seminars on evictions.

Ouline of the seminar

  • Landlord – tenant disputes
  • Residential evictions under PIE
  • Utility disconnection applications
  • Commercial evictions
  • Rental Claims
  • Lease agreements 

Presenter: Cilna Steyn
Cilna Steyn is the Managing Director of SSLR Incorporated. She regularly presents training sessions, where she advises rental agents and private landlords on matters relating to landlord and tenant disputes and more general property law related matters. She authored The Landlord’s Guide – Property Rental and Eviction in 2015 and regularly publishes articles in newspapers and peer review magazines. She also appears on television and radio, participating in discussions relating to property law and in particular evictions.

Registration fee (VAT Inclusive)
The registration fees are substantially subsidised for practising attorneys and candidate attorneys.

The fees include event material and refreshments.

  1. Practising attorneys: R 1 450.00 per person
  2. Candidate attorneys: R 1 320.00 per person
  3. Practising attorneys from firms further than 150 km from closest venue: R 1 050.00 per person
  4. Non-practising attorneys/others: R 2 900.00 per person

Enquiries: Seminar Department at e-mail:  tel: 012 441 4644/4690/4613/4600.

Centre Dates
Durban 23 March 2017
Cape Town 28 March 2017
Midrand 30 March 2017
Port Elizabeth 4 April 2017
Bloemfontein 11 April 2017
East London 25 April 2017

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