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Administration of Estates
The three day Administration of Estates Seminar will be presented by Ms Ceris Field. Attendees will acquire the knowledge and confidence to administer deceased estates. Topics covered include:

  • Intestate succession;
  • Testate succession;
    o Formalities;
    o Interpretation of Wills;
    o Problems with bad drafting;
  • Administration Process;
    o Reporting to the Master;
    o Collecting Assets;
    o Paying liabilities;
    o Advertising requirements;
    o Drafting Liquidation and Distribution Accounts;
    o Calculating estate duty;
    o Transfer of assets and payment to heirs;
  • Minor beneficiaries;
  • Practical examples.
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Consumer Law
Ms Trudie Broekman and Dr Evert Van Eeden will be conducting this two day workshop. They will be covering the following topics:
  • Consumer Law and an introduction to the Consumer Protection Act;
  • Consumerism and contracts;
  • Sale & supply of goods and services;
  • Marketing & advertising;
  • Product liability;
  • Rights and obligations of consumers;
  • Enforcement;
  • How the CPA interfaces with other legislation &
    common law;
  • Impact of the CPA on the way that attorneys practise.
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Environmental Law
Mr Kemi Behari, Prof Loretta Feris and Ms Glendyr Nel will be conducting this three day workshop to in which:
  • A broad overview of relevant environmental laws will be provided;
  • The principles underlying environmental law will be explained;
  • An understanding of the legal framework pertaining to compliance and enforcement in civil, criminal and administrative procedures will be given;
  • Participants will be able to guide clients through the authorisation process for development activities and to highlight important areas of compliance as well as the significance of non-compliance with pollution-related laws to them.
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