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LexisNexis is proud to announce the launch of Lexis® Practical Guidance Legal Practice and Compliance, bringing the number of available practice areas to thirty one.

Legal Practice and Compliance is forming an integral part of the legal industry sector. This is especially important with regard to the high amount of compliance requirements that need to be satisfied by attorneys who are both in private practice and those working for law firms. The legislative requirements that need to be met are of high priority in order to run a successful legal practice. There is a need for law firms to create innovative processes which will assist in advancing both themselves, junior practitioners as well as the legal sector.

Practical Guidance Legal Practice and Compliance focuses on the core legislation and regulatory aspects involved in running an effective legal practice. It focuses on:

  • how legal practitioners can start up their own practice;
  • how existing legal practitioners can manage their practices;
  • legal compliance requirements;
  • how to engage with clients;
  • court processes; and
  • indemnity insurance for attorneys.

With expert guidance, this Practice Area assists in reviewing, updating and creating a transparent legal and ethical culture within a law firm. It covers all legislation, regulations and provides all relevant forms that are needed throughout the law firm. It also contains all the relevant policies and procedures that each process will require.

Practical Guidance Legal Practice and Compliance covers content dealing with:

  • General introduction to practice management
  • Setting up practice
  • Legal compliance requirements
  • Attorneys and candidate attorneys
  • Human Resources management
  • Financial management
  • Risk management and insurance
  • Client management
  • Costs management
  • Practice administration
  • Marketing of legal services

For more details on Lexis® Practical Guidance Legal Practice and Compliance and the other 30 practice areas visit

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