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Legal Technology Insider – July 2007

The Legal Technology Insider newsletter has been described by The Times newspaper as "the definitive online resource for the latest news about legal technology". Known to many as the 'Orange Rag', it is essential reading for anyone who develops, sells, buys, implements or manages legal IT. The latest edition, No. 200, has just been published and contains news on, inter alia:

  • A resurgence in Knowledge Management
  • The launch of a forensic email investigation tool
  • Partner insights - rank your partners
And a final note from the Insider:
It was 25 years ago - in July 1982 - when the first computer virus, Elk Cloner, was unleashed on the world. "Unleashed" is perhaps over-dramatic: it was spread between Apple II computers via infected floppy disks. It was the work of a 15-year-old American high school student and its payload was to display a couple of verses of poetry. Innocent days!

Legal Technology Insider Newsletter No. 200 and the website

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