Last year, Legalmart launched an innovative online conveyancing service in New South Wales - the largest property market in Australia. A network of conveyancing firms supports Wizard Conveyancing and it promises savings of more than 50%. Users who would like to convey their properties register as Legalmart customers. This allows them full, secure access to the site and gives them the ability to conduct their own property transaction.

Users log into a secure channel that presents them with a series of web pages. These pages walk the users through the conveyancing process. The first page contains general information, such as the E-mail address and telephone numbers of the relevant lawyer. The second page explains what "Assistance symbols" are and gives the user tips. On the third page users enters their personal details and any other relevant information necessary for their transactions and document creation. The fourth page allows users to conduct online document and title searches using CITEC, a government service provider.

Once all the information is collected, the documents are filled, checked by a solicitor and e-mailed to the subscriber. The program is then used to calculate the settlement costs.

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Attorney Michael Anakwue 15/07/2020:

Keep up the good work. Here in Nteje Nigeria we are doing the same thing.

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