Lexis® DeedTracker

With the gradual return from lock down, it is the perfect time to implement new and effective solutions.

Lexis® DeedTracker is a mobile scanning app linked to a notification system simplifying the communication from the contact at the Deeds office, the lodging attorney firm and the instructing attorney firm.

  • Integrated with Lexis ® Convey, no duplicate capture.
  • Automated lists for lodgment and registration.
  • Mobile scanning app simplifies the scanning in the deeds office with minimal data usage..
  • Flexible communication setup creates the best efficiencies in obtaining timeous proceeds.
  • At R25.00 per matter, with billing only on registration, there are no wasted costs
  • The free app can be downloaded onto as many devices as needed.

Lexis DeedTracker can be operated as a standalone website so you do not have to have LexisConvey to get the best out of your deeds office communication. We have customers using this solution in all the deeds offices around the country catering for all the various requirements per deeds office.

If you would like to kick off your first deeds office lodgment batch using this simple effective tool please contact your Lexis Nexis CRM or email convey.communications@lexisnexis.co.za

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