Lexis enters market

LexisNexis, the legal publisher, has launched a software package that it claims will enable small law firms to compete on an equal footing with Tesco. The case management system is being launched in an attempt to allow small law firms to handle higher volumes of cases, thereby cutting costs. ePractitioner has the following features:

A step-by-step, automated guide through each residential property transaction
Saving time, ensuring consistency and making sure practitioners have covered everything

A single site where conveyancers can manage all their cases and files
Get client and transaction at the touch of a key - no more searching through piles of paper

Automated filling of forms and precedents
Cut out form-filling, work faster and be sure of getting it right

Task reminders
Allowing one to manage time more efficiently

Integration with other LexisNexis Butterworths content
Link directly into essential sources such as Legislation Direct and the Encyclopaedia of Forms & Precedents

ePractitioner website

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