Licensed conveyancers in New Zealand

A new occupation, that of the licensed conveyancer, has been proposed. It will be regulated by the New Zealand Society of Conveyancers, which will parallel the New Zealand Law Society (NZLS) in terms of its regulatory and representative functions, powers and responsibilities.

Such conveyancers will have to meet the qualifying standards of the Society and will also have to hold practising certificates. The bill is an attempt to make the legal profession more responsive to the changing legal services market. However, it is felt by some that this move will probably be of limited benefit to the public, since lawyers are already working in fierce competition between themselves. As a concession, lawyers will now be able to compete with estate agents in the sale of property.

New Zealand Herald

Lawyers and Conveyancers Bill

Reader Comments:

Peter Roan 16/11/2003:

Lawers are ripping off the public. Independent conveyancers are a success in Australia. New Zealand needs a conveyancing kit for the use of consumers. A kit costs $70 in Australia and saves consumers about $500 off the cost of using a NZ solicitor... The closed shop rotters!

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