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Some time ago, the story - The best and the worst about British legal websites prompted this page in which I ask readers to send in links to their firm's sites. The response, as we see below, has been wonderful. So much so that the page has been divided into two, Links (A - H) this one, and Links (I - Y) - are there any X, Y, Z attorneys firms out there? Click on the hyperlink or the logo of the attorney's firm below in order to go to their website.

Abbey Naidoo

AMC Hunter

Anand Jayrajh & Associates

Bardien & Higgins

Bell Dewar Hall

Bernadt Vukic Potash & Getz

Bham Dahya Attorneys

Bieldermans Inc

Boqwana Loon & Connellan

Brenda Tanner

Catherine Gray Inc

Cluver Markotter

Cox Yeats

Denoon Sampson Ndlovu Inc

Denys Reitz Attorneys

Du Toit & Bull Inc

Dykes van Heerden Inc





ER Browne Incorporated


Farrell and Associates

Fivaz Inc

Friedland Hart & Partners


Gavin Gow


Gideon Joubert Louw

Hayes Incorporated



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If you would like any changes to be made, errors corrected, or your web site to be added to this list of links, please send an email to

Links (I - Y)

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