Lodgment and queries

The following measures for the processing and issuing of Section 118 certificates is to be implemented, effective from 30 July 2012:

Applications submitted electronically for financial values and subsequently cases created in ISIS, must follow the complete electronic process until the issuing of the Section 118 certificate. 

Deviations to the above will result in the application / case being dealt with as manual.  Meaning that the electronic status will be cancelled and the admin fee for the manual application will be applicable and need to be paid upfront before submitting the application for processing.

The Section 118 certificate will also not be issued electronically but would have to be collected at the office where the application was submitted - the area rates clearance counters.

Manual and Electronic Applications - Lodgements and Queries 

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THEA SIEMELINK 13/07/2012:

As long as the council informs us of any deviations immediately to enable us to make manual payments.

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