Main survey results

The results are in from the survey which we ran during May, and they make interesting reading. Firstly, thanks to all of you who participated in it. In total we received replies from over 260 law firms representing some 435 conveyancing partners, 866 senior conveyancing secretaries and 548 junior secretaries. As promised the results will be presented in aggregated form.

You will notice that there is quite a divergence between the highest and the lowest amounts which firms charge for various transactions. For instance the least anyone charges for a FICA enquiry is R50, yet a number of firms charge R600. The findings also reveal a switched on profession with more than 80% of our respondents having a permanent Internet connection.

Below we have tables representing some of the aggregate findings. These are followed by links to the various geographic regions in which we go into the findings in more detail. Again, thank you for taking part, it was an interesting exercise and we look forward to doing similar ones in the future.
Recovery of Posts & Petties costs
Transfers Bonds Cancellations
High R 650 R 650 R 385
Low R 114 R 75 R 30
Median R 342 R 282 R 100
Average R 324 R 289 R 126
Recovery of electronic bond instruction costs
High R 160 R 160 R 160 R 170 R 162
Low R 20 R 40 R 40 R 40 R 35
Median R 60 R 60 R 60 R 60 R 60
Average R 70 R 70 R 70 R 72 R 70
Recovery of FICA search costs
Individuals Companies Trusts
High R 450 R 600 R 600
Low R 50 R 50 R 50
Average R 206 R 223 R 223
Links to the regional results
Cape Town
East London
Johannesburg - East
Johannesburg - Sandton
Johannesburg - South
Johannesburg - West
Port Elizabeth

Reader Comments:

C - BLOEMFONTEIN 06/07/2005:

Wel, wel, baie insiggewend - net jammer dat so min firmas in Bloemfontein gereageer het - wonder net waarom veral as jy niks het om weg te steek nie. Ons firma het egter baatgevind met die uitslag want moet gedurigdeur vanaf eiendomsagente en kopers verneem ons is so "duur" en nou blyk dit na alles nie die geval te wees nie.

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