Sectional Titles

Manage defaulters

Fundamental to getting sectional title owners to pay their levies is to reverse the misconception that it is a non-priority item. This can be done through newsletters and through the application of a simple, consistent and visible policy to educate them as to the importance of levies.

Trustees should pass resolutions governing the apportionment according to the participation quotas and determine that the levies are payable on or before the first day of very month, or any other day stipulated by them. If levies are not paid or are paid late a "friendly" letter of demand should be sent before the end of the current month, preventing the arrears growing "cold". Lastly, after the absence of a suitable response after fourteen days, the account should be handed over to an attorney who specialises in levy collections.

A no-nonsense approach will go a long way in convincing owners that the trustees are serious about punctual levy payments. As a last resort attorneys, could also be instructed to start attachment proceedings against recidivists for the sale of the property in execution of the debt.

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