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The Conveyancing Association (CA), the leading trade body for the conveyancing industry, has today published its White Paper on ‘Modernising the Home Moving Process’ in which it outlines how a future, more certain and transparent process could operate.

The Paper is a comprehensive look at the UK’s current home moving process incorporating the results of the CA’s own research, its consultations with a variety of stakeholders across the industry both in the UK and abroad, and a look at the solutions employed in other jurisdictions around the world in order to identify current constraints in the UK and potential solutions.

From gathering this evidence and following discussions of potential solutions, the CA is able to postulate what the future might hold in terms of its vision for a data-sharing, collaborative, digital home moving service. However, the CA is quick to point out that more fundamental actions need to be taken now to enable such a vision of the future.

The White Paper focuses particularly on the benefits to be gained from creating greater certainty far earlier in the home moving process. It suggests a number of ways in which this can be achieved.

Conveyancing Association

Reader Comments:

Duncan Pattinson 19/04/2017:

In the UK the housing market needs to embrace technology whilst providing a clear route to market for both Seller and Buyer. We still have lender approved Conveyancers and an array of websites that provide conveyancing quotes. The main issues are, which websites provides accurate quotes and can Homebuyers genuinely find a Solicitor by price, location and by Mortgage lender without the hassle of unwanted telephone calls. The bulk of the conveyancing websites have just a small selection of Solicitors whilst a minority have a large selection. Ideally in the perfect world every Homebuyer wants a local Solicitor. We manage the Homebuyer Conveyancing website http://www.homebuyerconveyancing .com and UK Homebuyers can go online, review their quotes without entering any personal details. That ensures that the Seller or Buyer is in the driving seat on who to instruct.

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