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In a number of articles that we have recently published, we have emphasized the need for firms to draft minimum operating standards (MOS) documents. In response to these articles, we received a letter from a conveyancer asking if we have a standard document for use in a conveyancing department (see the letter below). It might be helpful to many practitioners if readers could send us their standard documents or at least some of their ideas on what needs to be included in such a document.

Perhaps together we could produce a standard document that would be helpful to conveyancers.

Please e-mail me at ann. I would appreciate your views on this.   

"Minimum Operating (MOS)/Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) in Conveyancing Department

We would like to install the abovementioned for our Conveyancing Department which constitutes 80% plus of our practice. Would you have a standard document we can make use of?

Thanking you,

(Name withheld)"

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