National Electronic Conveyancing System (NECS) is an Australian co-operative development between industry and government involved in conveyancing and mortgage financing and processing.

The system will provide a convenient electronic means for legal practitioners, conveyancers, banks and independent mortgage processors to:

  • prepare dealings and related instruments to register changes in ownership and interests;
  • settle financial transactions (including payment of duties, taxes and any disbursements);
  • lodge their dealings with the appropriate Land Registry; and
  • receive confirmation of dealing lodgment and registration.
The system addresses the industry's desire for a single national facility for settling property transactions and lodging instruments electronically with the appropriate Land Registry. It does not however encompass the whole of the conveyancing process, and in particular it does not include any aspects of the:
  • preparation and exchange of contracts for sale;
  • pre-settlement investigations undertaken on behalf of purchasers;
  • procurement of any insurances required by purchasers;
  • creation of loan documentation by lenders;
  • non-financial aspects of settlement; and
  • processes for examining and registering instruments once lodged with a Land Registry.
It should nevertheless result in an efficient industry able to offer better, faster and cheaper services to buyers and sellers of real estate everywhere in Australia.

Necs.gov.au website

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