New transfer duty forms

The following seven new transfer duty forms are now available on the SARS website and can be accessed by clicking on their respective purple hyperlinks:

TD 1 - Declaration by seller
TD 2 - Declaration by purchaser
TD 3 - Annexure to Transfer Duty declaration
TD 4 - Declaration in relation to a change of beneficiaries/shareholders/members. (This link was not working as at 13/02/07 -Editor)
TD 5 - Declaration by transferor and transferee where a transaction is subject to VAT and exempt from Transfer Duty in terms of section 9(15) of the Transfer Duty Act.
TD 6 - Annexure to transfer duty declarations for additional sellers, purchasers and properties
TD 7 - Declaration by estate agent relating to a change of beneficiaries/shareholders/members of a trust owning residential property or a residential property company

Regarding the old and new forms, the following applies:

  • In respect of property transactions concluded on or after 1 May 2005*, the new TD declarations must be used.
  • Until 31 August 2005, in respect of property transactions concluded prior to 1 May 2005*, SARS offices will accept either the old declarations (Rev 683, Rev 684 and Dec by Seller) or the new TD declarations.
  • From 1 September 2005, the new TD declarations are to be used irrespective of the date on which the transaction was concluded.
The new TD forms are currently available in English only and SARS is not yet in a position to advise when the Afrikaans forms will be available. In the interim, SARS will accept Afrikaans details on the English forms. It is not yet clear when SARS will implement the proposed electronic submission of the forms via their website.

Users of GhostConvey will be notified as soon as these new forms become available in the programme. In order to view the forms, users must have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader on their PCs.

*After consulting with the Association of Law Societies this date was extended by SARS from the 15 April to 1 May.

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