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New valuation roll

The City of Cape Town's General Valuation Roll affects all the residential, commercial, agricultural and public infrastructure properties in the Cape Metropole area - about 780 000. No need for a physical valuation of each individual property was necessary as a mass valuation methodology was used. Here the property valuation around the date of valuation (1 July 2009) - is derived from statistics generated from property sales and market conditions. As with the last round of valuations many objections - which can only be successful if based on facts - will no doubt be raised. The following course of action might prove useful when objecting.

Here you will be able to view the property attribute data (details about the property) and the sales data (past sales in the surrounding suburb going back to 2008), upon which the value of your property is based.

Do a search
Do a search of your property by Site address, Erf number, Farm, Sectional title or Reference number on the City of Cape Town's website at

Do some homework
Bear in mind that the City will not consider the following objections:

  • Incomplete objection forms.
  • Multiple objections per objection form.
  • Objections completed in bad faith.
  • Frivolous objections to unrelated issues.
  • Objections not submitted on the official objection form.
  • Late objections.

Owners can object on a number of grounds such as an incorrect valuation, poor location, structural defects, omitted property, omitted structures or incorrect building extents. See How To Object for the formal procedures to be followed. 

Do some more homework and run a property report
Of these reasons, quite simply not wanting to pay more in rates than one wants to will probably be the most common. To manage this one will not only have to object but to substantiate the reasons giving rise to a lower valuation. A number of tools are available of which a "PropIQ" Report is one.

A PropIQ Property Report is a comprehensive property valuation showing full property details, comparable sales data, a comprehensive property valuation, the municipal valuation, closest amenities, transfer history, and suburb trends over the last five years. See a facsimile of such a report here.

The inherent benefit of such a report is to graphically show those sales closest to and therefore most relevant to your property, thereby reducing any variations which might arise within the suburb. For instance a property near a railway line or a factory could be unfairly prejudiced when compared to other properties in the neighbourhood. The report, combined with local knowledge of the neighbourhood could yield interesting results for the property owner who wants to object/have a reassessment of the property valuation.

Put all your arguments together and submit your objections.



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