No more cheques

The City of Tshwane sees making the clearance and refund service easier and more accessible for clients as an opportunity to resolve long-outstanding issues that were raised by conveyancing attorneys in the past. The City is implementing an electronic clearance application system through which attorneys can apply for and receive clearance certificates in the comfort of their offices. Transactions will be tracked from application until accounts are refunded. Conveyancing attorneys must register online and register their banking details in order for the refund to be paid via EFT.

While waiting for the electronic online application system to be implemented, conveyancing attorneys need to register their banking details with the City in order to receive refunds via EFT.

Since banks are phasing out the issuing and acceptance of cheques, the City has undertaken since 2017 to phase out cheques to refund monies that were overpaid on accounts during clearance applications. Notices were sent which requested conveyancing attorneys that do business through the City of Tshwane to register their banking details with the City in order to be refunded via EFT. 31 December 2019 will be the last date on which cheques will be issued for the purpose of refunding overpayments for clearances.

City of Tshwane Change in Clearance and Refund Application Process

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