Online property tracking now in South Africa

GhostEnquiry is a Web-based system. It allows attorneys, financial institutions, mortgage originators, estate agents, transferees and transferors to access the progress and vital statistics of all their bonds, transfers and cancellations. Similar systems have been improving customer service and reducing costs in the USA, the UK and Australia for some time.

All information is delivered via a secure Internet connection. Once connected, the user keys in his unique login ID and password. Be it from work or home, GhostEnquiry can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide the property professional and transferee/transferor with real-time data about their property transactions.

Reporting ability
With GhostEnquiry's reporting ability, property professionals can run up-to-date status reports on all their matters without having to bother other parties involved in them. Transferees and transferors will have less need to contact property professionals, as the progress information for their property transaction will be a click or two away.

GhostEnquiry is free for financial institutions, mortgage originators, estate agents, and transferees/transferors. Attorneys however will be charged a nominal fee, the cost of which will be quickly recouped. For no extra cost, GhostEnquiry can be incorporated into the attorney firm's Website - encouraging the attorney's clients to browse it and thereby cementing the attorney-client relationship.

Matter Linking
An exciting new feature to be released at the beginning of October 2003 is Matter Linking. This feature allows the property professional to view detailed information about both the transfer and the bond. Once clients log on, they are presented with a list of all their matters. When selecting a matter, a full list of progress dates is displayed as in this example. Notice here that the system links all aspects of the matter - bond, transfer and cancellation - even if each is being handled by a different firm.

The benefits of Matter Linking are clear, since the property professional can be forewarned of any hindrance to the processing of the transfer, bond or cancellation. Using this information the attorneys involved in a property transaction can schedule and plan its date of lodgment with greater accuracy and ease.

Try GhostEnquiry
Log onto https://www.ghostenquiry.co.za/ with the username "GE-001" and the password "convenience". Click on the "Current matters" menu to view details of this demo firm's property transactions or search for the file reference "SW-B98234" to view detailed information of a particular property transaction.

For further information email sales@ghostenquiry.co.za

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