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Paddocks Press – April 2012

Paddocks Press is a monthly free digital newsletter published to educate and update the sectional title community. The issue (Volume 7, Issue 4) has a number of articles of interest, including:

The importance of attending meetings - Anton Kelly
One of the most consistent complaints we hear from managing agents and people serving as trustees concerns “owner apathy”. They say it can be nearly impossible to get anything non-routine done – decisions that can only be taken by owners can’t be dealt with as there are often insufficient owners present at meetings to form a quorum. There is another side to this coin and it also creates problems.

In this article, Anton looks at the importance of attending your community scheme meetings. (reading time: ± 2 min)

Taxation of community schemes by SARS - Clint Riddin
The taxation of these schemes is generally misunderstood by members and trustees alike. New developments in tax compliance even require individuals who are below the tax threshold to register as taxpayers.

In this article, Clint begins to look at the new SARS Interpretation note 64 and he will continue to address this over the next few editions. (reading time: ± 2 min)

Q&A with the Professor - Prof Graham Paddock

  • Is this owner disqualified from voting?
  • Cleaning of gutters and outside windows (reading time: ± 1 min)

Paddocks Press Volume 7, Issue 4

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