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Paddocks Press – April 2013

Paddocks Press is a monthly free digital newsletter published to educate and update the sectional title community. The issue (Volume 8, Issue 4) has a number of articles of interest, including:

Share block and sectional title - Anton Kelly
What is the difference, can you convert?
What are the essential differences between share block and sectional title from an owner's point of view and what needs to be done to convert a share block scheme to a sectional title scheme? There are two main differences between share block and sectional title from an owner’s point of view. One is tenure, that is, what is actually owned, and the other regards management of the scheme.

In this article, Anton gives a brief comparison of share block companies and sectional title schemes and a description of the conversion process.

Claim for arrear levies of insolvent owners - Sivannah Padayachee
Body corporates claim to the arrear sectional levies
The effect of a sequestration order is to divest the insolvent of his estate. The insolvent’s estate is divested by the sequestration order and vests firstly in the Master of the High Court, and then in the Trustee appointed by the Master of the High Court. It is the duty of a trustee appointed to take possession of the insolvent’s assets, and to sell them, and distribute the proceeds in the proper order of preference.

In this article, Sivannah discusses the recovery of arrear sectional levies from the estates of insolvent owners.

NEW: Thinking inside the Box - Blog post - Jennifer Paddock
Does switching off your geyser really save electricity?
We are very excited to let you know that we have now officially launched a new sectional title lifestyle blog called Thinking Inside the Box.

The articles on this blog are on the lighter side of sectional title living and include practical tips and advice on subjects such as storage solutions, growing tomatoes on your balcony and dealing with noisy neighbours.

In this blog post, Jennifer discusses how turning off your geyser actually doesn't save on electricity!?

Q&A with the Professor - Prof Graham Paddock

  • Are the trustees liable for owners' safety and security?
  • Conflict of HOA / ST pet rules

Paddocks Press Volume 8, Issue 4

Reader Comments:

jenn 03/05/2013:

Yes I do agree, as I had been turning off my old upright ball valve geyser for years. Then decided to leave it on for two months. Guess what the elec usage went down. just goes to show.

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