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Paddocks Press - April 2015

Paddocks Press is a monthly free digital newsletter published to educate and update the sectional title community. The issue (Volume 10, Issue 4) has a number of articles of interest, including:

Special Levies - Anton Kelly
The Special Levy Provisions Timeline
The provisions empowering the trustees of sectional title schemes to raise a special levy have come and gone from the Sectional Titles Act and the prescribed rules.

In this article Anton gives a detailed special levy provisions timeline.

Sectional Title Rules - Zerlinda van der Merwe
Are they Constitutional
Various types of rules regulate and affect many areas of life in a sectional title scheme. There is the prescribed management rules, the conduct rules as well as rules adopted by the developer or body corporate.

In this article Zerlinda talks about the various rule and asks, are they constitutional?

Thinking inside the box - Blog post - Carryn Melissa Durham
Update on the Third Generation Sectional Title Legislation
There has been a lot of confusion regarding the third generation sectional titles legislation. In this 'Thinking Inside the box' blog post Carryn gives an update regarding the third generation sectional title legislation.

Carryn's Corner - Carryn Melissa Durham
Governance Documention in Homeowners' Associations
A homeowners’ association (HOA) is a legal body in which the individual properties are exclusively owned, while the communal infrastructure and facilities are owned by the association. There are two types of legal structure that are used to create or establish an HOA.

In this article Carryn talks about governance documentation in homeowners’ associations.

Paddocks Club Q and A - Paddocks Club Team

  • Responsibility for excess payment for broken window
  • Can a letter of agreement change maintenance responsibilities?

Paddocks Press Volume 10, Issue 4

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