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Paddocks Press - December 2020

Paddocks Press is a monthly free digital newsletter published to educate and update the sectional title community. In this issue (Volume 15, Issue 12):

Paddocks update - Graham Paddock
A personal message from Graham Paddock to all Paddocks clients – Paddocks has downsized and re-invented itself to become an exclusively online business.

  • A COVID-19 Safety Plan
  • An explanation of the necessity of the appointment of a COVID-19 compliance office

Safety around swimming pools in community schemes  - Mike Addison
In this article, Mike discusses rules around swimming pools in sectional title schemes. He highlights the importance of having clear, up-to-date rules and discusses both the National Building Regulations and the South African National Standards (SANS) for reference.

Club questions and answers - Paddocks Club Team
With all the interesting questions on the Club, we decided to share the following two with you:

  1. Can a body corporate withhold a levy clearance certificate for levies due on another unit?
  2. Do fine amounts need to be specified in the conduct rules of a sectional title scheme?

Paddocks Press Volume 15, Issue 12

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