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Paddocks Press – January 2010

Paddocks Press is a monthly free digital newsletter published to educate and update the sectional title community. The current issue (Volume 4, Issue 1) has a number of articles of interest, including:

My, we have grown!
In a look at the development of Paddocks, Sam Paddock, Managing Director of Paddocks and GetSmarter, describes how Graham Paddock & Associates has been transformed into a specialist Sectional Title training firm.

Insurance and the home owner's association
When we think of community living and insurance, we usually think about sectional title insurance, because it is under the sectional title environment, where the buildings have to be insured by the body corporate, the responsibility of the management of the scheme.

Within the home owner's association environment, it is somewhat different. In this article Mike Addison looks at the issue of insurance within a home owners' association environment.

Why should goalies stay fit? - Rob Paddock (Rob the Builder)

Why should inspections and maintenance be performed on sealants?

Inspections and maintenance are to sealants, what training and regular practice are to goalies: vital for optimum performance. When a contractor is hired to review the condition of the sealants on your scheme's building, they should carry out the following basic steps detailed in this article.

The Imposition of Owner Directions and Restrictions on Trustees - Jennifer Paddock has a thorough look at section 39(1) of the Sectional Titles Act, and …

In terms of section 39(1) of the Sectional Titles Act, 1986 ("the Act"),

"The functions and powers of the body corporate shall, subject to the provisions of this Act, the rules and any restriction imposed or direction given at a general meeting of the owners of sections, be performed and exercised by the trustees of the body corporate holding office in terms of the rules."

… answers a few questions relating to the power and authority of the trustees and owners.

Q & A with Jennifer Paddock - Jennifer Paddock replies to a number of questions including:

  • Developer's voting power
  • Registering managing agents
  • Do we need a chairperson?
  • Remuneration of trustees
Paddocks Press Vol 4, Issue 1

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